February 10, 2020

Cubby Mobile Storage New and Improved Website

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are excited to launch our latest project: the new and improved website for Cubby Mobile Storage. Our goal was to develop an interactive web design that provides a superior user experience.

Cubby Mobile Storage

The team at Pink Dog Digital wanted users to be actively engaged during their visit, which was made possible thanks to new features and elements. As soon as a user visits Cubby’s website, they are met with an interactive pop-up advertisement.

The popup offers users an incentive – a free quote in exchange for their name and contact information. This element serves to benefit both the business and consumers. While the popup is designed to convert visitors into leads, the advertisement also promotes user engagement. An engaged user is more likely to turn into a paying customer.

As websites get faster, users become more and more impatient. That is why it is more important than ever for websites to provide fast information.

With that being said, there is no better way to engage with and educate users than with videography. Videos serve to keep your audience interested which in turn encourages people to stay on the website longer. Company videos can be produced for many different reasons, but like Cubby’s, a majority of videos highlight products and services.

Cubby Mobile Storage offers a wide variety of services and opinions – all of which are described within the video embedded on the homepage. This animated video showcases the ease and convenience that comes with moving with Cubby.

The team at Pink Dog Digital understands that Cubby’s different types of services is what makes them one of the best mobile storage solution providers. Under Our Services, our team was able to skillfully design a page that converts visitors into customers. The page structure features service headings and corresponding photos, and underneath each service is a detailed description and a link to “Learn More.”

cubby mobile storage services

Rather than overwhelming the user by listing each service on one single page, this structure encourages users to choose the service that interests them the most. By clicking on the “Learn More” call to action button, visitors are taken to that service’s designated webpage. Each webpage offers a full length description of the service, as well as multiple CTA’s that encourage the user to contact Cubby’s team.

Both PDD and Cubby recognize that a customer’s first concern is the safety of their belongings. That is why the team at PDD dedicated an entire pillar page to storage valuation and protection. Under Protection, visitors can learn more about the many different coverage options, including standard valuation, storage protection, and cargo protection.

cubby mobile storage protection

Under Blog, users can find even more valuable information, tips, and industry tricks. The team at Cubby Mobile Storage has decades worth of experience and knowledge that they are excited to share with their customers. Rather than forfeit this valuable information, Pink Dog Digital developed a blog for Cubby to regularly post to.

cubby mobile storage blog

At Pink Dog Digital, we take pride in helping our fellow Baltimore businesses. With a new and improved digital presence, Cubby Mobile Storage will be able to increase their visibility and traffic – allowing everyone to experience the freedom and flexibility of Cubby.

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