May 31, 2019

Tips to Maximize Marketing Productivity

Since the very beginning Pink Dog Digital has emphasized how important marketing plans and strategies are to the success of small businesses.

With a solid business plan and mission in mind, it is easy enough to develop marketing goals and actions. The most difficult part is the follow-through.

A marketing plan means nothing without execution. To help your team maximize marketing productivity, PDD has identified our top five tips to ensure your company surpasses marketing objectives.


Marketing Automation

Any good marketing team will tell you it is bad business to create content the day it is meant to be published. All marketing content needs time to be work-shopped and approved before it is sent out to the general public.

That is why most marketing teams schedule social media posts and communications weeks in advance.

However, in the fast-paced world of small businesses, these small tasks can easily be overlooked if another urgent matter arises.

This is when automation comes in handy; automating social posting, meeting scheduling, emails, lead management, SEO performance reports, and other marketing reports can save a wealth of time in the long run and allow more time to focus on strategic tasks.

Time Management

time management marketing

This classic time management tool is easy to learn but difficult to employ. The first step is listing every task you need to accomplish today and identifying which task is the biggest.

By completing this task first, you will be able to work the rest of the day without the feeling of dread lingering over you.

Plus, checking the biggest task off your to-do list first will make the remaining tasks feel easy by comparison, leaving you excited for the work day.

Use a Note-Taking App

evernote app

Even on a slow day, you are probably involved in hundreds of emails, meetings, phone calls, texts, and mentions.

With all of those working parts, it is easy to get overwhelmed and forget a few details or deadlines here and there. Through the use of a note-taking app or extension, you can finally say goodbye to forgetfulness.

Unlike handwritten notes, you cannot lose a digital note. Note-taking apps, such as Evernote, are also extremely efficient given their ability to sync across devices and share between team members.

Pause Notifications

Pause Notifications

In our world of instant communication platforms, we have been conditioned to response to the bells and chimes of our smartphones and computers.

But even work emails and phone calls can be considered distracting, and we are in no way required to respond immediately.

Most platforms now offer the option to temporarily pause notifications to allow you to enter a designated “focus time.”

This allocated time will allow you focus on the task at hand without interruption. Then once you decide you are ready, all your emails and notifications will be waiting for you.

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