April 10, 2019

LinkedIn Mobile App Improves Leads and Traffic

If you are among the devout 57% of LinkedIn users who have begun using the LinkedIn mobile app, you have likely seen the additional resources and features the mobile platform has to offer.

LinkedIn allows you to easily keep up with news and important information, as well as stay connected with your network. Following recent updates, the LinkedIn app now provides users with key features to engage with and generate more leads.

If you have not downloaded the LinkedIn app to your smartphone, these features will serve to change your ways.

LinkedIn Mobile App

Since the seventeenth century, business cards have been the most prominent method to build business relationships and stay connected with others after a meeting.

But now, LinkedIn has changed this age-old tradition with the introduction of QR codes on the mobile app.

QR codes are a quick and easy, not to mention environmentally-friendly, way to connect digitally with someone in a matter of seconds. If both parties have the LinkedIn mobile app, they can scan the QR code to instantly share profiles and establish a digital connection.

From there, you are free to further get in touch regarding potential partnerships or business deals. Business cards can easily be lost or forgotten, but QR codes work instantly to produce a secure connection and lead generation.

If you are attending a work conference or networking event, but unable to meet with everyone face-to-face to swap QR codes, users can use LinkedIn’s “Find Nearby” feature to initiate potential business relationships.

With this tool, users can find other LinkedIn members who are within 100-feet and also have the feature enabled. Users will find a list of nearby members, complete with basic information, including name and company, and the ability to send a connection request.

So, even if you don’t have the chance to talk to someone in person, you still have the chance to generate leads by connecting digitally and communicating online.

The main goal of connecting and communicating through LinkedIn is to set a date and time to meet in person to further the business relationship. All users want their meetings to run without a hitch, and now, the LinkedIn mobile app can ensure this is a reality.

Members can now decide to sync their calendar with LinkedIn in order to prepare for meetings. While it may seem risky to some, syncing your calendar to LinkedIn is completely risk-free, the app does not track any of your movements or information.

Rather, the mobile app allows users to gain insights and learn more about the person, or company, they are next meeting with to better be prepared and informed.

Just like Facebook Messenger’s design, LinkedIn has implemented the active status for messaging. This tool allows users to know when their connections are online or actively using the platform. With the help of a little green dot, users will be able to more effectively communicate and establish a positive relationship.

Users can message their connections at convenient times, and the connections are more likely to respond since their online status is known.

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