March 1, 2019

Lawrence Law New Site Launch

Pink Dog Digital is pleased to announce the launch of Lawrence Law’s new website, complete with a revamped web design and marketing approach. When Lawrence Law originally recruited PDD, they knew they wanted the website to capture the very essence of the company: Big Firm Experience, Small Firm Accessibility. Founder Kate Lawrence knows that web presence can either make or break a small business, which is why it is so important to show customers all Lawrence Law has to offer.

After years of working in a big firm environment, Kate knew it was time for a change. In 2013, Lawrence Law was founded with the intention of developing an accessible and full-service law firm for businesses within the construction industry. By providing professional and sophisticated legal advice and representation to a wide variety of companies, ranging from small family-owned businesses to multi-million-dollar enterprises, Kate is able to preserve her big firm legal expertise without jeopardizing her small-firm accessibility.

Lawrence Law knows their passion and distinct philosophy is what makes them the best. For such a mission-based company, we knew it was important to have a mission-based online presence. Pink Dog Digital made it a priority to not only showcase Lawrence Law’s mission statement, but effectively convey what that mission means.

Under the About Us page, the mission statement is divided into two distinct parts to emphasize both core elements. By going into further depth about the accessibility and experience of the services provided, Pink Dog Digital was able to skillfully express what the mission means to the customer, as well as how Lawrence Law will accomplish this mission.

Lawrence Law

When Lawrence Law says easily accessible and responsive, they mean it. In order to guarantee this commitment, Pink Dog has placed contact information at the bottom of each page. That way, if you need to reach the team, they are just a scroll away. If that is not enough, we also integrated a contact form right on the homepage.

The new website now highlights the company’s area of expertise, including construction litigation, construction contracts, employment law, and corporate law. The user-friendly web design allows users to easily identify their area of need in order to learn more information or request a consultation. Lawrence Law has expanded their practice areas since foundation and now proudly provides services to clients within construction, manufacturing, government contracting, real estate, and many other industries. The team at Lawrence Law does everything, and now their website does too.

With years of previous high-level experience, Lawrence Law works to provide superior guidance, counsel, and representation in all areas of law. The team has repeatedly been praised for having the customer’s best interest at heart.

All of us here at Pink Dog Digital are excited for the opportunity to provide a website that focuses on how Lawrence Law differs from and surpasses their competitors. Lawrence Law has proven themselves time and time again to be a valuable resource to numerous businesses, and now they have an online resource to show it.