January 2, 2019

What is Google Lens and How Can It Affect My Business?

google lens

What is Google Lens?

Google has recently launched a new tool that is redefining the future of search engines. Google Lens for businesses is an image-based search that allows customers to find exactly what they are looking for. This search option is similar to text-based search, except for Google Lens marketing, the image itself is the search query. Customers can visual search based on part of a saved image, or search in real-time using their camera phones.

After the initial release in October 2017, Google has already made some major developments in their latest product. Google Lens marketing allows customers the opportunity to search what they see; users can snap a photo of a product they like, and Google will provide a link to buy the item or offer related items to browse. Not only is this process time efficient and convenient for the consumer, but it benefits businesses by directing shoppers to company websites and boosting product and service visibility.

In addition to items, Google Lens also has the ability to search practical objects such as receipts or shopping lists. Due to Google’s advanced technology, Lens can identify the text in these images and convert them into useful applications. For instance, a user can take a picture of a business card and Google is able to easily add the information into your contacts list.

Another facet of Google Lens SEO is Style Search, an intuitive feature that allows customers to shop their favorite outfits, shoes, jewelry and home décor, all from the power of their mobile device. Objects such as these are difficult to describe for the purposes of a text-based search, so instead Google Lens allows visual input to provide the relevant search results you want.

In order to further simplify visual search, Google has introduced badges for image search results. Badges are added to the bottom left-hand corner of an image to provide further information about the item, including the category of the image and the next steps the user can take. So, if a consumer searches for “smoothies”, the search results would include relevant badges such as “recipe” and “video.”

Visual search and Google Lens presents numerous opportunities for companies, so this is one trend you do not want to fall behind on. If you are interested in optimizing the images on your websites for Google Lens SEO, we suggest you focus on posting organic images, which means using photos of your product you have taken yourself. When consumers use image-based solutions to search for a product, authentic images allow Google to accurately match your company’s name and products to the consumer’s photo. In addition to boosting visibility, organic content increases sales by identifying your product and leading the customer straight to your webpage to purchase the product.

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