August 16, 2019

Tips to Growing an Authentic Twitter Audience

When developing a marketing plan, many small businesses make the mistake of prioritizing the number of followers over quality of followers. With over 320 million active users on Twitter, it is no wonder companies are focusing on increasing their follower count.

Twitter is the perfect platform for building brand awareness, developing relationships, and collecting leads. But just because your numbers have increased, does not mean your number of engaged followers has increased.

Follow trains are the current social media phenomenon that allows Twitter users to identity other accounts looking to increase their followers in a short amount of time.

Within the train, users agree to follow and interact with one another. The strategy gives off the illusion of an engaged audience, but in reality, is ineffective and inauthentic.

Since the trains are not regulated by Twitter, most users unfollow one another in the matters of weeks, which leaves your account right back where it started.

Instead of utilizing misguided attempts at quick success, follow these five strategies to increase your follower count in a natural and sustainable way.

Post Engaging Content


What is the number one reason users have for following accounts? They like what they post. Social media users are fickle – it does not take much for them to unfollow or block accounts.

Creating original content is not only the secret to keeping current followers but attracting new followers. The more users engage with your content, the more users will see your content on their timelines and mentions.

Optimize Your Content

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Establishing a social media marketing plan is a great idea, but the key is to not use the same strategies and content for each different social media platform.

For example, the content that works the best for Facebook and Instagram may not be the best for Twitter. It is crucial to determine and hone your specific marketing approach for Twitter.

Users on Twitter are drawn to visual-appealing or interesting images, so it is important to choose images that demand viewers’ attention. Twitter has a handy, automated hyperlink strategy in place, which makes it extremely easy to share articles or blogs.

Develop User Relationships

twitter user relationships

Twitter establishes replies and mentions for a reason, so use them to your advantage. The whole point of social media platforms is to encourage users to be social and get connected.

Do not focus on turning your followers into buyers, focus on nurturing a relationship with them based on value and respect. Once they understand your brand and feel appreciated, the sales will follow.

Follow The Leader

twitter hashtag

Every small business has at least one business icon; a company or individual that your business emulates. In of simply admiring from afar, engage with and learn from your icons.

Incorporate their popular hashtags in your content, retweet their content, and engage with them by sharing opinions and ideas. These interactions will allow you to build a solid relationship full of benefits and rapport.

This genuine relationship will encourage the industry leader to engage with you, ultimately Scan the popular hashtags they use for potential leads and relationships, share their content,

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