July 13, 2020

Pink Dog Digital Launches A&A Insulation, LLC Website

Please join all of us at Pink Dog Digital in celebrating the launch of A&A Insulation, LLC’s brand new website.

a&a insulation new website

A&A Insulation specializes in commercial insulation, both plumbing and mechanical. With only one area of service, current and potential clients can rest assured knowing the A&A Insulation team is the best at what they do – providing specialized, high-quality commercial insulation.

The team at Pink Dog Digital is committed to helping our fellow small businesses. The only people that love local small businesses more than PDD is the community.

Under About Us, users can learn the story behind A&A Insulation, LLC and how they got their start in Baltimore. This family-oriented business is dedicated to serving commercial buildings, big and small, and helping them save money by conserving energy.

Two of the most important principles of web design are simplicity and communication. The ultimate purpose of a website is to provide information to users. With both principles in mind, the creative team at PDD developed a “How We Work” section on the About Us page. This section gives users a step-by-step overview of A&A Insulation’s process, which includes consultation, planning and estimate, and finally, installation. Being straightforward and honest with consumers sets the basis for a strong business relationship.

In addition to sharing information, the overall goal of a website is to generate leads and drive sales. At the end of the “How We Work”, PDD crafted a call-to-action to encourage users to contact A&A Insulation and provided the methods to do so.

For users that are interested in learning more about A&A Insulation’s services before reaching out, the call-to-action statement also includes an internal link to the Services page. Incorporating internal links into the web design is not only good for navigation purposes, but it also boosts SEO.

Users depend on websites to offer user-friendly navigation tools. This allows them to easily move around the website without hassle or frustration, which aids overall user experience. Consumers believe websites are an extension of the company – if the website is difficult, working with the company will be unpleasant as well. That is why the team at Pink Dog Digital designed an easy-to-use hamburger menu at the top of each page, included quick links at the bottom of each page, and text links.

Pink Dog Digital also knows that internal links are essential to SEO. The links give search engines a better understanding of how your content and pages are related, which will better help them assist search engine users. Not to mention, a successful internal linking strategy will allow search engines to crawl your website, and ultimately, help A&A Insulation rank higher on results pages.

A&A Insulation, LLC’s has proven themselves time and time again as commercial insulation specialists, and now they have an online resource to show it. But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at their Portfolio and see for yourself what their team can do for you!

Need a new website? Contact Pink Dog Digital today at 1 (410) 696-3305 or drop us a line on the website.

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