March 9, 2020

Hybrid Property Management New Website

We at Pink Dog Digital are thrilled to share the end result of our latest project – the launch of Hybrid Property Management new and improved website. As a commercial real estate company that specializes in a wide variety of property management services, PDD knew Hybrid needed an interactive web design that caters to an array of clients.

The number one benefit of interactive web design is the ability to connect with consumers. Interactive features throughout the website serve to keep users engaged and provide a sense of interaction with the company.

Hybrid Property Management

On the homepage, the creative team at Pink Dog Digital has carefully crafted a brief introduction to the business behind Hybrid Property Management. This content includes valuable pieces of information, including areas of specialties, locations, and the company mission. But, our team was careful not to overload the user with too much information at once. The goal of the introduction is to keep visitors interested and promote user engagement.

Directly underneath the blurb is a call-to-action button that says “Read More.” This simple button serves to increase the chances of clicks, which encourages users to stay on the page longer. The caption on the button shows the user exactly what is waiting for them on the next page, which promotes trust in the business-consumer relationship.

After clicking “Read More”, users are directed to Hybrid’s About Us page. On this pillar page, visitors can learn more about the history of the company, as well as the team.

Pink Dog Digital knows the key to positive user experience is creating a user-friendly web design. That is why PDD developed a structured drop-down menu, which is perfect for websites with various types of content.

On the navigation menu, under the Commerical Real Estate tab, visitors can quickly choose the webpage they need based on their desired services. The drop-down menu is split into two categories: Lease and Sale. Both categories offer three additional topics to narrow down the user’s search.

commercial real estate

Under each Commerical Real Estate page, users can not only learn more of Hybrid’s areas of expertise but also search available listings. Potential clients can easily filter the listings by property type, location, and other criteria. Each listing is complete with photos, descriptions, prices, and other relevant information.

The team at Hybrid Property Management is dedicated to providing superior and efficient service to all their clients. Now, they can help their clients find a space that fits their unique wants and needs before contact is even made.

Once the prospective client finds a commercial space they are interested in or wants to reach out for more information, contacting Hybrid Property Management is now easier than ever.

Pink Dog Digital understands how frustrating it is for users when trying to navigate complicated websites. That is why our team designed Hybrid’s website to offer contact information no matter which page the user is on, including phone number, email, and address.

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