November 12, 2020

Executive Alliance Website Launch

As a women-owned business, Pink Dog Digital loves nothing more than celebrating the strong women that make Maryland great. That is why all of us at PDD are so excited to be announcing the launch of Executive Alliance’s new website.

executive alliance

Executive Alliance is committed to connecting accomplished women for the purpose of expanding their impact in all aspects of the community and business. By advocating, educating, and mentoring, Executive Alliance is a proven catalyst for women leaders.

Pink Dog Digital understands that the vision and mission statement play a large role in an organization. These statements not only describe the organization’s overall purpose, but communicate purpose and direction to members, partners, sponsors, and members of the community.

The About Us page was designed to highlight Executive Alliance’s mission and vision, as well as how these pursuits are accomplished. The team at PDD also devised this particular webpage to allow users to become familiar with the faces behind the organization, including the leadership officers and committee members.

Not only does the About Us page reflect the organization’s purpose and personality, but it also serves to convert interested users into members. At the bottom of the webpage, after learning all there is to know about Executive Alliance, users are directed to “Join Our Organization.”

Under Join, the creative team at Pink Dog Digital has crafted a welcoming page for potential members. By clearly describing the types of individuals that Executive Alliance is searching for, interested users can quickly determine if the organization is the right fit for them, and vice versa. The membership page also outlines benefits, dues, and types of memberships available.

Currently, the Executive Alliance offers two different memberships: Individual Membership and Corporate Membership. An easy-to-use, interactive web design is almost obligatory for any business, big or small, which is why the PDD team has made the entire membership application process as simple as possible.

Once the interested user has determined which membership fits their needs, they can click the corresponding CTA button at the bottom of the Join webpage. These buttons guide the users directly to the correct application page where they can quickly fill out the online form. It is also complete with even more helpful information, such as membership criteria and requirements.

For users that are interested in partnering with Executive Alliance, the process is just as simple and straightforward. Under Partners, the PDD team has developed a webpage for both potential and current partners alike.

Our creative team was able to design an easily understandable chart to highlight each level of partnership, included benefits, and total value. On the same page, visitors will also find all of Executive Alliance’s current partners.

For users that are not interested in joining or partnering with the Executive Alliance at the moment, can still support their mission by donating or following them on their social media channels. In an attempt to showcase these options, PDD placed buttons to donate and links to social media platforms on all webpages.

If your business is ready for a new website, Pink Dog Digital can help. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 (410) 696-3305.

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