July 27, 2020

Domain Rental Furnishings Website Launch

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are thrilled to be announcing the launch of Domain Rental Furnishings new and improved website.

Domain Rental Furnishings (DRF) is committed to providing customers with the most easy and convenient services imaginable. The team at Pink Dog Digital was able to turn this commitment into reality by offering access to Domain’s rental furniture at the click of a button.

The team at PDD designed this website with user experience in mind. That is why users have a variety of options and call-to-actions to choose from. In addition to learning more about why to choose DRF, current and potential customers can find the products and services they are looking for.

On the homepage, users are able to easily navigate to a secondary web page depending on the services needed.

For users interested in Home Staging, the CTA button will direct them to a contact form and inform them that a team member will be in touch shortly to discuss needs and requests.

For users interested in outfitting their home, the CTA button will direct them to the Residential Packages page. Here visitors can view all the different packages offered for living rooms, dining rooms, and master bedrooms.

When it comes to designing product pages, there are two key design elements: informative and personal. In order to decrease the risk of cart abandonment, consumers want to not only understand the product, but come to know how the products will work in their everyday life.

In order to accomplish this, the creative team at PDD designed the product page to include product name, base price, product descriptions, and most importantly, photos. All of these details will inform the user while highlighting what the package can offer their home.

Additionally, each product description is complete with its own call-to-action button encouraging users to view details or select. By clicking the CTA button, users will be directed to the product page for that specific package. Here users will find even more photos, inclusions, and pricing details. Not only are users able to find information regarding rental furniture, but they can instantly checkout on Domain Rental Furnishings’ website.

In order to create a successful e-commerce platform, Pink Dog Digital focused on creating a simplified and uncluttered checkout process. Under Ready To Rent, customers begin the checkout process by choosing an initial package and then choosing a la carte items for additional rooms, outdoor furniture, and electronics.

Under How It Works, users that are not quite ready to checkout can learn more about the process of renting furniture from DRF. The team at Pink Dog Digital compiled a list of frequently asked questions in order to ease concerns and help visitors understand the services provided by DRF.

We at Pink Dog Digital are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dedicated team such as Domain Rental Furnishings. As a community-oriented small business, Pink Dog Digital is thrilled for this opportunity to help Domain Rental Furnishings continue helping the local community. Not only do they serve their customers, but DRF also gives back to the local community with every product or services purchased.

To learn more about the build process or discuss a new website build, give us a call at 1 (410) 696-3305 or contact us online.

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