April 27, 2020

Clark Research & Consulting New Website

We at Pink Dog Digital are thrilled to be announcing the latest and greatest version of Clark Research & Consulting, LLC’s website.

Clark Research & Consulting

As a resource for the commercial and government sector, CRC is committed to providing innovative and flexible solutions in mathematics, statistics, and simulation.

Without years of education and experience, these theoretical concepts are difficult to understand. When CRC originally recruited Pink Dog Digital, they knew they wanted to website that was completely transparent and easy to understand.

Like many small businesses, CRC is deeply committed to doing right by their clients. Rather than simply providing solutions, CRC takes the time to work with their clients to make sure they fully understand the solutions and the applied concepts.

The team at Pink Dog Digital was able to mirror this commitment by crafting a website that is easy to comprehend despite the difficult subject matter.

On the homepage, users can quickly learn about the services provided to identify if CRC is the right fit for their business. CRC provides three major services: Reliability Analysis & Systems Engineering, High Performance Computing Systems, and Iris Recognition Algorithms.

PDD created an individual webpage for each service. This will ensure users understands the services provided and how these services will benefit companies within the commercial and government sector.

On each service page, the creative team at Pink Dog Digital delves into what each service means, life cycle, why it is important, challenges, and benefits. While this might sound like a lot, our team prioritized creating clear and concise textual content. If users can not understand the services provided, they might not realize it is exactly what their company is missing.

If users have any questions or concerns about these services, they will be able to quickly contact the team using the contact information on the bottom of each webpage.

The team at CRC has over a decade’s worth of experience, but that is just one of the many reasons the team is able to continue helping clients in an ever-changing field. New discoveries and technological advancements are always being made, but thanks to CRC, commercial and government businesses will not be left behind.

Clark Research & Consulting, LCC has partnered with a variety of companies that are at the forefront of scientific advances. This means that CRC is consistently evolving and learning more, which in turn, allows them to better help their clients.

Under Partnerships, users can learn about CRC’s current partnerships and memberships, such as Johns Hopkins University, West Virginia University, and the National Small Business Association.

A partnership page allows small businesses like CRC to not only acknowledge their collaborators, but it also presents an opportunity to build the credibility of your organization. Users are more likely to trust a small business that partners with other organizations that are widely known and recognizable.

Pink Dog Digital is excited to launch Clark Research & Consulting, LLC’s new website and we look forward to strengthening our business partnership. Just as CRC provides innovative solutions, the team at PPD promises to provide our clients with cutting-edge web designs.

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