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28 May '20

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Facebook & Instagram Launch “Shops” to Promote E-Commerce

Facebook Shops is the latest e-commerce feature designed to help small businesses through the coronavirus crisis. Businesses will be able to set up “Shops”, or online stores, on Facebook and Instagram platform to sell products.

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21 May '20

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Logo Design Trends of 2020

When starting a new business or rebranding a company, your logo is one of the most powerful marketing tools. A good logo design has the ability to build brand identity and help users build brand awareness.

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14 May '20

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Online Reputation Management Strategies to Keep Positive Online Presence

You can not control a bad review or negative media attention. Brands can only control their company posts. That is why it is so important to have online reputation management strategies to help keep online presence positive.

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07 May '20

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Instagram Checkout: How To Drive More Sales

In 2019, Instagram Checkout was released to help both brands and users. The Checkout feature was designed to allow users to purchase products and services from brands without having to leave the Instagram app.

Since consumers prefer simplicity and convenience, … Read More