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One of the best decisions our company made was in selecting Pink Dog Digital to build our website. From the initial concept to launching the site, Gina Ramsey took the time to really get to know who we are and what we do as a company. With her expertise in web design, she was able to create a site for us that was more appealing and functional than we ever expected. I highly recommend Gina and Pink Dog Digital for any web designing needs!

Stephanie Simmerman, Commercial Interior Resources

At Observation Baltimore we rely on Pink Dog Digital for all of our digital needs! Gina & her team are a total joy to work with.

Molly McNerney, Observation Baltimore

Excellent company! Excellent work! PDD is a true *service* company. They work to understand the purpose of the solutions they offer to each client, and then provide them with a solution that meets their needs.

David Spigelman

I’ve worked with Gina for many years now and have always appreciate the attention to personalized service, and prompt responses. She and her team are great to work with and we’ve been very pleased with our new site, as well as the marketing initiatives she helps us with.

Bryan Del Monte

Pink Dog Digital is creative AND responsive. Knowledgeable folks who share their expertise AND want to hear about my goals and objectives. Gina has always been focused on client relationships and her practicality , follow up and follow through are hallmarks of her work ethic.

Joni Daniels,

Gina runs circles around her competition, she has a deeper understanding of marketing in today’s digital environment than anyone I have been associated with in the past.

Jeff Goldman, Publisher, Best Version Media

Although there are many great qualities I could mention about Gina, the one that stands out (IMO) is her authenticity. She values your time as well as her own, which means she won’t waste your time if there isn’t a fit with her services. However, she will still ask how she could help you and truly mean it, she isn’t solely “after the sale.” Gina has a relationship mindset and I strongly believe that is a huge reason why she is consistently successful in this competitive marketplace, through her authenticity, integrity, and relationship building. A bonus point (for me) is she has a great sense of humor! Her company has a great reputation and it’s worthwhile to connect with Gina.

Mark Luttrell

Gina is really a fine businesswoman. She is a master networker and is really there to help those around her. She is always there for you and always willing to help.

Zachary Mainstay

I’ve been to Gina’s Linkedin training and it was fantastic. Gina is very knowledgeable when it comes to social media and digital marketing. I would highly recommend working with Gina.

David Addi

Gina is a real professional in anything web. Her knowledge and concern in an ever changing environment is unmatched. She has your best interest at heart and truly wants the best for you. i can’t think of a better person to know to get the job done correctly then Gina Ramsey. I would recommend her whole heartedly.

Kimberly Simmonetti

Gina Ramsey is absolutely a capable and competent professional, well versed in the intricacies of web presence, social media and marketing. She possesses a warm and complimentary character, is excellent at networking, connecting people and an all around good friend to have. She is always willing to offer assistance, is a proficient diplomat and a distinct and loyal person of the first order.

Ian Hochberg

Gina and her web designers designed a wonderful new website for our coaching business. We’ve received so many favorable comments about the website. Gina is passionate about leveraging SEO and about helping businesses to increase their business through their websites and social media.

Susan Katz

Great project management and was a great customer liason for the designers and developers.

Steve Rakas

Gina Ramsey epitomizes what it means to be a professional. Gina has technical mastery over her chosen profession (websites, blogs, social media, and SEO). When I want to know whats happening on the cutting edge of the Internet she is my go to resource. She is a savvy salesperson that delivers high value to clients and to her company with total integrity. As you can imagine Gina is in high demand and consequently very busy.

What impresses me most about Gina is that in a world of “What’s in it for me” Gina stands out because she’s the first person to open up her Rolodex or help solve complex problem just for the sheer joy of watching someone else succeed.

I would strongly recommend Gina to anyone looking for a web professional or an all round great human being.

Umar Hameed

Gina Ramsey is an energetic and knowledgeable professional. Her command of social networking and electronic marketing is well beyond that of her competition. After meeting her through a leads group, I learned that Gina is generous with her referrals and leads, and assists others in helping them achieve their business goals. I highly recommend Gina to anyone looking to add and enhance both their company as well as their own professional social portfolio.

Gretchen Schaefer

Gina is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever worked with or even known for that matter. She goes out of her way to ensure the people she deals with are satisfied and happy. Gina puts the P in Professional. Anyone that has had the chance to meet Gina is never the same. She leaves the world a better place. I am so grateful and happy to have had the chance to work with her.

Tim Scholze

A few months back, I met with Gina about working together for my group, Baltimore Rotary, about updating our website. After the first meeting, it was clear that she knew what she was talking about and was helpful in discussing options for my group that had such a low budget for web work. After much back and forth, the group decided to go with a different company but was extremely happy with the way that Gina had guided them and gave them advice for moving forward with the new company. For this, I wanted to recommend her company, her services and her business ethics. Thank you Gina!

Christine Walsh

Gina was a big help on the web project for the Latino Providers Network. After I laid down the framework she stepped up and played a big role in organizing how the site would be used by the organization. She is a great team player without a doubt!

Jason Anton

Gina continually amazes me with her seemingly endless knowledge of how to maximize websites to benefit her clients. She has a terrific ability to analyze her clients business goals and objectives and recommend a course of action that is both practical and efficient. I recently introduced her to my Web Managers at CBS Radio and they quickly came to share my view of Gina. She is a detail-oriented person with a “can do” attitude! I feel fortunate to know her.

Karl Minacapelli

Gina has been incredibly patient with the many questions, design and content changes during the process of developing our new website. The result is a professional and attractive new look we’re very happy with. I could not have asked for a better person to work with on this project and plan to work with Gina on additional websites in the very near future!

Jennifer Sullivan

Gina’s work ethic is unparalleled as is her drive to deliver the best product to her clients. She motivates by being motivated. She treats her clients like family and they appreciate the honesty in her no-nonsense approach. She is a joy to work with.

Bottom line: Gina delivers valued results on time…what else do you need?

Brent Stees

Gina is wonderful. Love working with her and always welcome the opportunity to support her events and clients.

Ken Rochon

Gina is awesome! She is super knowledgeable, gives great service and a true professional! She will put you in the right direction for sure!

William Sullivan

Excellent reputation and good product and service.

Bonnie Heneson

Top-notch professionals who’s relevant advice and extensive networking channels are unsurpassed. They should be your go-to for all things web and SM related.”

Wendy Dean