November 11, 2019

Thinline Technologies New Website

As a small business, Pink Dog Digital is always willing to go above and beyond for our small business partners ad clients. We believe small businesses are the heart and soul behind every industry.

When it comes to the IT industry, companies need a provider they can know and trust. That is why PDD knew exactly what was needed to be done when approached by Thinline Technologies. Complete with a brand-new design and concept, Pink Dog Digital is thrilled to announce the launch of Thinline Technologies’ new website.

thinline technologies

With a similar mission, Pink Dog Digital loves working with businesses that put the needs of their customers first. Thinline Technologies has found that many small businesses do not have the means nor strategies in place to protect their technology or business. To address this need, Thinline offers a personalized approach to full-service IT solutions.

The team at Thinline Technologies works with their clients, not just for, to determine the needs of the company and how to best serve those needs.

With many IT companies offering nonselective solution packages, Pink Dog Digital recognized the value behind Thinline’s mission. To showcase this unique approach, PDD effectively crafted homepage content to directly address why Thinline is the best choice for any business.

When developing Thinline Technologies web design, the prominent goal of PDD was producing a minimalistic and simplistic website. Visitors come to a website in search of more information, and a minimalistic web design allows them to find just that.

On the homepage, users can not only learn what Thinline does, but their services, news, partners, and more. Rather than forcing the user to scour multiple webpages to find what they need; all the important information is right there on the homepage.

To keep a consistent web design throughout, Pink Dog Digital strategically developed the Services page to maximize simplicity. For many visitors, a list of services and descriptions would prove overwhelming.

Rather than long-form content, the team at PDD listed each service paired with its own relevant icon. If the visitor is interested in learning more about a specific service, they can follow the link provided to see the service description.

Not only does Thinline Technologies work with clients to develop unique IT solutions, their staff is available 24/7 to solve problems and even show your team how to use new technologies.

Network problems can happen at any time and any place, and when they do, Thinline wants to be there. With the latest Contact Us page, getting in touch with Thinline Technologies is now easier than ever.

Whether you are an existing consumer or potential client, Thinline’s phone number, email address, and address are at the touch of your fingertips. If users would prefer to be contacted directly, they can now submit a contact request form right on the Contact page.

Thinline Technologies believes that businesses have more important things to worry about than their technology. With the help of Pink Dog Digital, Thinline now has a website they don’t have to worry about either.

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