February 16, 2021

Collaborative Pathways Counseling and Consulting, LLC Website Launch

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are delighted to announce the launch of Collaborative Pathways Counseling and Consulting’s new website.

After working in the industry for nearly a decade, founder Jessica R. Rothstein recognized an unmet need within the Maryland community. In October 2020, Collaborative Pathways’ (CP) was created with the intention of serving all patients and mental health professionals in need. 

Under Therapy Services, potential patients can get a full understanding of all the services CP provides, including individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, child/adolescent therapy, and even gender affirming assessments.

Entering into care can be a challenging and time for any patient. To help smooth this transition, Pink Dog Digital designed the Therapy Services page with user experience in mind. Users have the freedom to learn about the different services at their convenience with no distractions, confusing language, or clutter. Any of these poor web design elements is enough to make any visitor exit the webpage and lose trust in the brand.

Instead, users are able to review all the information and determine if Collaborative Pathways is the right fit for them. Then, users are able to easily reach out to the team using the contact form at the bottom of each webpage to find the right therapist for them. When designing the website, Pink Dog Digital understood how important this design element was because CP believes the fit between therapist and patient is crucial to the success of treatment.

Collaborative Pathways also provides consultation services specifically for mental health providers. The Consultation Services webpage is a resource for these professionals to discover everything CP has to offer them, including individual consultation, group consultation, and continuing education.

The creative team at PDD has written descriptive, yet concise blurbs for each of the consultation services. These descriptions serve to inform mental health professionals while remaining sensitive to the audience.

The key to effective web design is intuitiveness. If users do not know where to find a specific piece of information, they will quickly find a new website with better navigation or accessibility features. That is why, PDD built and organized both service pages using the same design model. This allows users to easily more access information or seamlessly convert to the next step of the marketing process.

Whether you are a first-time care seeker or simply looking to switch care providers, the Collaborative Pathways’ team recognizes potential patients will likely have numerous questions. By answering frequently asked questions regarding consultation, rates, and insurance, the CP team is able to support users before their relationship even begins.

If a user has a question that is not answered on the FAQ pages, Collaborative Pathways’ can easily be reached using the contact form or contact information located at the footer of each webpage. 

Collaborative Pathways Counseling and Consulting was founded on the belief that connection is beneficial for all. With this new website,  the Pink Dog Digital team is thrilled to provide the CP team with an online platform to connect with and support even more patients in need.

If your business is ready for a new website, Pink Dog Digital can help. Contact us online or give us a call at 1 (410) 696-3305.

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