December 28, 2020

2 Health Nuts Website Launch

We at Pink Dog Digital are excited to share the good news: the new and improved website for 2 Health Nuts has officially launched.

As soon as a new user visits the new site, they will immediately be met with an email subscription popup. The most effective popups are those that present an enticing and exclusive offer. By entering their email address, users will be able to download a free 21-day workout guide.

The Pink Dog Digital team incorporated a popup into the web design to not only build 2 Health Nuts’ email list, but also to prevent website abandonment. A majority of users will leave the website before taking any action – using popups will discourage this by increasing conversions and leads. By capturing visitor’s email addresses, 2 Health Nuts will be able to provide previous website visitors with valuable information about their brand, as well as products and services.

The 2 Health Nuts’ team is committed to helping companies successfully implement health and wealth programs into their daily routines. When working with clients on such a personal level, there needs to be trust. Without trust, 2 Health Nuts will not be able to inspire, empower, or encourage their clients to become the best versions of themselves.

The key to building trust between business and consumer is designing a branded website. A strong and consistent brand will lead to brand familiarity and recognition, which in turn, will result in brand trust and confidence.

Users will not initially purchase products or services from a brand they have never heard of before – only after being exposed to the brand multiple times and learning about what the brand has to offer will the user purchase from the company.

Under Shop, each product and service description is complete with a branded image. This image serves to show users exactly what the product entails while also showcasing the company logo. Adding the logo to each image serves to not only present a strong unified message, but also to help consumers distinguish 2 Health Nuts’ services from competing brands.

The brand and personality of 2 Health Nuts’ is further represented through the typography and language of the textual content. The creative team at Pink Dog Digital used the same font throughout the entire website to ensure a cohesive and professional online presence. 

To further build brand trust, each webpage features all the accreditations earned by the 2 Health Nuts’ team. PDD knew how important it was to highlight these accreditations – not only is 2HN a legitimate organization, but they excel at what they do.

If these seals of approval are not enough to convince visitors to purchase a product or service, they can also read the various testimonials from past and current clients. All of us at PDD were eager to add client testimonials to the website because they have the power to bring the products to life. Potential customers are prone to trust current customers over any content provided by the website, which means using testimonials and content together are bound to boost sales.

Please join all of us at Pink Dog Digital in celebrating the launch of 2 Health Nuts’ new website. We are thrilled to provide their team with a superior online platform so that they may continue helping all clients live up to their potential.

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