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Photography and videography are everywhere. A picture is worth 1000 words, but video is worth 1.8 million words. 46% of people who view a video on a company website take action after viewing it. It makes sense to add video to your digital marketing mix. Google, for example, loves and promotes video. Part of the quality score that is assigned to your website is based on the amount of time people spend there.

How Can I Incorporate Video Into My Website?

You can incorporate video into your website in several ways, perhaps with a corporate branding video, client testimonials, or a video to stand out from the competition and showcase your products. And remember, mobile users can get information much more quickly from a video than from long scrolling pages.

Good quality photography is also important. If you are using your own photographs, please consider professional photography. Nothing is worse than looking at bad images of your products or services. 37% of people say that the visual elements of a website are the most important. This means that if they don’t like your images, they may never spend the time to learn about your products/services.

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