November 12, 2020

How To Edit An Instagram Story

If Instagram Stories are not already a part of your digital marketing strategy, they should be. IG Stories were designed to allow users to share moments of daily life, in a series of photos or videos. The Stories are featured at the top of the home feed, which means they are the first thing users will see upon opening the app – no need to beat the algorithm or post at strategic times. 


Instagram will also notify your followers your Story is about to expire or when another element is added, so your audience will never miss a post. Companies can even keep Stories on their profile page forever by adding them to their Highlights. 

If you are having trouble creating content, these Instagram Story hacks and features will help you create compelling and aesthetically pleasing content for every audience. 

Compose a multi-image collage. 

If you have multiple photos you want to share with your audience, why not share them all at once. The copy and paste tools allow brands to create collages on their Instagram Stories using as many photos as they would like. 

To upload multiple photos, start by adding your first photo to the IG story. Then, open your camera roll, select another photo, and copy it using the share icon. After that, open the Instagram app again and paste the image into the story. Continue copying and pasting more images until your collage is complete. Each image can be moved around, reshaped, and resized to create the desired look. 

Create a colorful background for photos. 

Adding a colorful background to your IG Story is not always necessary, but it can create an interesting post out of ordinary photos. This is especially useful when sharing posts from your brand’s regular feed, or re-sharing user-generated content. 

If you want to fill the background with a solid color, start by tapping the draw icon and selecting a color from the palette. If you don’t see the exact color you want, press and hold down a color to view a color gradient. After choosing the color, press and hold down the screen for a few seconds, or until the entire screen is filled with the color. Once your background is in place, you can easily copy and paste your photo into the Story and include additional emojis, GIFs, and text before publishing. 

For a more complex and custom background, you can also layer two different photos over one another. This can be done by first pasting the background photo and stretching it to cover the entire screen, and then pasting the other photo on top. 

Craft a series of posts. 

Rather than posting a single photo, build drama and excitement by creating a series of progression posts. This means including the same base photo every time, but adding new elements with every new post. 

The first step when starting a IG Story series is creating the initial post, saving it, and publishing it. To create the next post, upload the initial post from your camera roll and build on it. Once that story is ready to post, make sure to save it so you can continue inserting additional elements. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary until the final post in the progression is completed. 

Brands can use progression posts to launch new products and services, announce news, or simply enhance everyday content to make it more thrilling for followers. 

Share content with Close Friends. 

Instagram’s Close Friends feature makes it easy to share content with a select group of people. For small businesses, this is a great way to share exclusive content with loyal followers, VIP members, partners, influencers, team members, or sponsors. Brands can even share content from other social media channels, such as TikTok or Twitter, to encourage users to follow on multiple platforms. 

As of right now, businesses are limited to only one Close Friends list. However, there is no limit to how many people you can add to your list. 

To create your list, go to your Instagram profile, click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner, and select Close Friends. You can search for specific users to add or simply scroll through your followers to add people. To remove people from the list, open your Close Friends list and click the remove button. 

The best part about this feature is that Instagram does not notify users when you add or remove them from your Close Friends list. Plus, users that are on your list are not able to see who else is on the list. 

Once your Close Friends list is set up, you will be able to share private Stories by selecting the option at the bottom of the screen. 

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