September 24, 2020

How Can Ubersuggest Improve SEO

Last week, Pink Dog Digital delved into how Microsoft’s SEO PowerSuite can help small businesses. This week, our team wanted to share another great SEO tool for small businesses. 

Ubersuggest is a free Google Chrome extension designed to provide the most actionable SEO metrics for Google, YouTube, and Amazon search results. By viewing insights and strategies that are working for competitors, brands are able to adopt and improve their own SEO strategies


Install the extension in three simple steps by visiting the Chrome Web Store and clicking on the “Add to Chrome” button, followed by the “Add Extension” button within the pop-up window. 

Once the extension is installed, Ubersuggest metrics will begin to appear on the right-hand side of the webpage. To view further insights, users can click on the sidebar and be directed to the Ubersuggest dashboard. 

SEO Metrics 

Every business should have a specific search term, or collection of search terms, that they want to rank first for. With every new search performed, Ubersuggest is able to help businesses accomplish just that. 

Ubersuggest offers insights for search volume and CPC data. Search volume shows brands the number of searches their search term has received within a given timeframe, which shows the potential for organic traffic. CPC, or cost-per-click, data allows brands to understand the cost of paid traffic when ranking for this search term. 

This extension also provides insights on the top ten search results for that search term. This includes the average number of backlinks, domain score, number of shares, and even demographic information. 

By reverse engineering these insights, any brand will be able to improve their own digital marketing efforts and, ultimately, gain a spot in the top ten results. 

For example, if the top result for your search term has a domain score of 42 and 100 backlinks, then you know your website needs to at least meet, if not exceed, these metrics. 

If achieving the metrics for your search term seems improbable, Ubersuggest also provides a list of closely-related keyword suggestions that might be more realistic for your small business.

Keyword Suggestions 

Before it was a multi-functional SEO tool, Ubersuggest specialized solely in generating keyword ideas. Despite the new upgrades, this extension is still one of the best tools for finding new keyword suggestions. 

To start, simply search for a keyword on the Ubersuggest dashboard. This search will provide you with a wide array of new keyword ideas, including suggestions, questions, related, prepositions, and comparisons. 

Related keywords are exactly what you would expect – keywords that relate back to your initial keyword search but might not be the exact same topic. The suggested questions offer keywords in question format, prepositions consist of two related concepts, and comparisons compare two concepts using “vs” or “and.” 

Rather than just simply listing ideas, Ubersuggest offers further insights into each keyword, such as search volume, CPC, PPC, and SEO competition. This helps brands determine which keywords and phrases would yield the best results for their company. 

Content Ideas 

An effective content marketing strategy has the ability to make or break SEO efforts. The basis of an effective content strategy is knowing what topics to write about that users will be interested in. 

With Ubersuggest’s Content Ideas feature, businesses can find a lengthy list of content topics based on your search term. These content ideas are based on pre-established page titles and content pieces from other brands. Each content idea is complete with the estimated number of website visits, number of backlinks, number of shares on Facebook and Pinterest. 

Users can even filter their results to only show content ideas with a minimum or maximum number of shares, or topics with or without specific keywords. 

Not only is this a great way to brainstorm new ideas that are interesting for your audience, but also ensure that you are creating content that will drive shares, traffic, and backlinks. 

Backlink Data 

Backlinks are a critical aspect of SEO, but the problem for many small businesses is that backlinks can be difficult to build. This is because brands have to ask websites for backlinks, and these requests are often ignored or denied. 

In order to improve your number of high-quality backlinks, you need to be requesting links from relevant and appropriate websites. 

With Ubersuggest’s Backlinks tool, businesses can keep track of their own backlinks. This allows brands to know what content of theirs is well-written and useful to other websites. 

Businesses can also use this tool to find out which websites are back linking to a competing company. Knowing what content to send and what websites to send to, brands will be able to successfully request links from the best websites. 

In addition to adding quality backlinks, it is important for brands to manage and remove unfavorable links. When reviewing your website’s backlinks, users can also find the domain score for each link. The dashboard offers insights for each link, including domain score, page score, link type, and anchor text. Using the domain score and page score, businesses can identify which backlinks are having a negative impact on their SEO and take appropriate action. 

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