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26 Dec '18

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How Content Marketing is Changing in the Age of Voice Control

If you are not already prioritizing content marketing for your business, now is the time to start. For those unfamiliar with this topic, content marketing is the creation and publication of online material, such as blogs, social media posts, photos, … Read More


What is Google Beacon and Does My Business Need One?

Google Beacon: Transforming Local Businesses

Although they are not a new technology, Google Beacons are currently making a comeback as a hot topic of conversation. In 2015, Google began sending free beacons to businesses in an effort to make … Read More

5 Prominent Social Media Marketing Trends of 2019

Social Media Marketing For Your Business

With the world of social media changing every day, it is no surprise to hear that social media marketing will most likely consist of entirely new trends and ideas in 2019. Although it … Read More

14 Dec '18

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5 Review Schemes That Will Ruin Your Online Reputation

Through the course of starting or running a company, you will be presented with numerous shortcuts that guarantee the online success of your business. We are here to dispel these promises by saying review schemes do not work. When it … Read More