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2020 Graphic Design Trends for Social Media

As we approach the new decade, marketing trends have already begun to shift and change. Brands are always trying to beat out their competitors by staying relevant and keeping their company fresh in the minds of the consumer. To do … Read More

Using TikTok Editing to Create Perfect Instagram Stories

Thanks to this generation’s crazed obsession with content-sharing apps, we have all heard of VSCO and TikTok. These apps allow users to share content, but they are also useful when it comes to creating content for other social media platforms.

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Understanding Social Media Metrics: Reach

In our social media-dominated world, it is safe to assume that all users wish to better their social media performances. In an effort to do so, platforms introduced social media metrics and insights to aid personal users, influencers, brands, and … Read More

Instagram in 2020: Creative and Aesthetic Trends

There is no denying the impact and powerful position that Instagram has in the world. Instagram aesthetic trends are constantly changing as businesses, influencers, and brands attempt to visually appeal to users. Not only must businesses produce aesthetically pleasing content … Read More