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Website vs Google My Business: Which is More Valuable For My Business?

With all the advanced marketing tools available to small businesses, it is easy to lose sight of which tools to prioritize. Many believe digital marketing only refers to social media and online advertisements, but in reality, these components primarily serve … Read More

How to Measure and Improve Brand Equity Through Social Media

As a small business, it is crucial for your online presence to be aligned with your company’s brand. A company’s brand is not only a representation of the company itself, but it serves to distinguish the company’s products and services … Read More

20 Apr '19

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Sparks of Change Foundation Website Launch

Without any delay, Pink Dog Digital is thrilled to announce the launch of Sparks of Change Foundation new and improved website.

As a company with various ties to Baltimore-based non-profits, PDD knew exactly what was needed to be done when … Read More