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27 Mar '19

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Improve Your Digital Advertising with Strong Content

From one small business to another, Pink Dog Digital understands the importance of digital advertising. The endless advantages of digital advertising can include brand recognition, consumer literacy, and increased sales. Given these significant benefits, it is easy to understand why … Read More

Maryland Foodie Fest Showcases Delicious Food on New Website

As a small company based out of Baltimore, Pink Dog Digital is over the moon to announce the launch of Maryland Foodie Fest new website. In order to honor all the foodies across this great state, PDD knew this culinary … Read More

13 Mar '19

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What Do Instagram Users Want from Companies?

Given the unparalleled rise of Instagram over the past decade, we have repeatedly heard time and time again what marketing specialists believe Instagram users want to see. Although there are over 1 billion active Instagram users, businesses are finding it … Read More

06 Mar '19

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Facebook Messenger Chatbots are Overtaking Online Marketing

In this technological day and age, it is hard to believe someone has not heard of or come in contact with a chatbot. A chatbot is an artificially intelligent messaging software device, programmed to converse with people, understand questions, provide … Read More