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19 Sep '19

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What Does Digital Accessibility Look Like?

The topic of digital accessibility has been a prominent theme in the digital marketing world thanks to recent lawsuits and guidelines. All of us at Pink Dog Digital wanted to take this opportunity to show how truly important it is … Read More

How To Develop a TikTok Marketing Strategy

Is it Snapchat? No. Is it Vine? Kind of. It’s TikTok!

Over the past couple of months, users around the world have seen an app by the name of TikTok rise to the top of the charts in the social … Read More

Introduce Psychographics to Your Marketing Plan

Marketing is about delivering your products and services to an audience who might benefit from them. By now you are probably familiar with the term demographics, but now it is time to learn a new marketing approach: psychographics.

Demographic information … Read More

29 Aug '19

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Facebook Adds More Page Badges to Encourage Engagement

Let’s face facts: a majority of Facebook users join groups and follow pages only to remain silent members. Last November, Facebook introduced badges to combat the lack of engagement and communication within groups.

Group Badges

The group badges serve … Read More