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08 Jan '20

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Satellite Industry Association (SIA) New Website Launch

All of us at Pink Dog Digital are over the moon to be announcing the launch of the Satellite Industry Association’s new website.

Satellite Industry Association, or SIA, represents the leading domestic satellite industry members while working with key … Read More

Social Media Trend Predictions for 2020

Over the past decade, social media has become ingrained as a staple of society. Social media trends are constantly evolving as consumer and user behavior changes. Platforms are continuously working to improve their features in order to hold popularity and … Read More

Is My Smartphone Listening To Me?

A majority of the population keeps their smartphone in close proximity to them at all times. We are constantly checking or listening to our phones to ensure no phone call is missed or text is left unread. But this smartphone … Read More

19 Dec '19

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Web Design Trends in 2020

Web design is not a static industry. New trends are constantly taking shape or going out of style. That’s why it’s important for businesses to not only build functional websites, but continually incorporate new design trends that will deliver … Read More